Famous Quotes of All Time from Steve Harvey

24 Mar

Steve Harvey is a famous name. If you have no idea who he is, search for his show on the internet. You will love him. He is funny, but his words are full of wisdom. He will make you feel better. If there is anyone who believes in having faith in themselves, he tops the list of people with faith. It has worked for him, and he breathes into hearts what has worked for him. Are you struggling with your marriage, studies, friendships, work, name them. He offers advice on almost everything. He invites experts and other motivational speakers because he understands that he does not always know everything. Here are Steve Harvey quotes that will brighten your day.

He said that no one is too old to reinvent themselves. That is true because opportunities will always come your way regardless of your age. It depends on whether you will take advantage of the chance that life gives you or not. If you think that you are too old for something, watch out people who are doing the same things yet they are older than you and they are succeeding.

Harvey said that those who desire success have to jump because if you do not your parachute will never open. Comfort zone has never worked. If you are safe you cannot soar. Research about the lives of successful people beginning with Harvey himself. He was never comfortable and he does not stay in a comfort zone even with the life he is living right now.

He said that God does not make mistakes. He has put you where you should be right now. If you are making mistakes, He needs you to learn. If you are waiting for something He needs you to be patient. Harvey in another quote said that if you are going to worry about a thing that you have prayed for don’t pray about it but if you have faith pray about it and stop worrying. See this page for more.

In couples’ advice, he praise the inquisitive mind of women. They are sharper than detectives. Women have investigative tricks that no man can understand. They find out things that their men never thought they would ever find out.

Steve encourage people to worked on their talents because they a talent enable someone to do something perfectly with minimum effort. When you compare those who what they learned and those who do the same thing because they are talented, the talented people can do the tasks better than the trained ones even if the one that has talent has never been trained. Most successful people in the world made it because of their talents. click here to view steve harvey memes.

See more here: https://youtu.be/TbEMIw3ecGI.

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